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Slavik Pustovoytov: The USA-Based Ukrainian Hip-Hop Dancer and Influencer Known as Vik White

Slavik Pustovoytov is a USA-based Ukrainian Hip-Hop dancer and Choreographer. The dancer is also referred to as Vik White. He rose to fame when he competed in the fifteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance where he was placed 4th. The dancer is also popular on social media; Instagram, and TikTok where he shares videos of himself dancing and lip-syncing to songs.

Pustovoytov is a social media influencer as his audience has grown tremendously over the years. With a career spanning several decades, White’s artistic journey is a testament to the power of imagination, innovation, and dedication. In this article, we will delve deep into the life and work of Vik White, exploring the artist’s influences, evolution, and impact on the art world.

Early Life and Influences

Vik White was born on December 15, 1998, in Poltava, Ukraine. Growing up in the heart of the art world, he was exposed to a rich tapestry of creativity from an early age. His parents, both artists themselves, instilled in him a deep appreciation for artistic expression and encouraged him to explore his own creative instincts. Vik White has two brothers and a stepsister.

Real name Slavik Pustovoytov
Nickname Vik White, itsslavik
Date of birth 15 December 1998
Age 24 years old
Birthplace Poltava, Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian
Profession Dancer, Actor, TikTok star
Marital status Unmarried
Girlfriend He is single
Father vik white father
Mother vik white mother
Email [email protected]
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 68 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Tattoo Yes

Vik White’s Education

His family moved to Stilwater, Oklahoma, United States. He went to Stilwater High School. Slavik has two brothers and a stepsister.  After he completed high school, he moved from Oklahoma to Nevada to attend a dance school. One of the most significant influences on White’s early artistic development was the eclectic mix of cultures and art forms he encountered in Ukraine. After graduating from high school, White pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. It was during his time at Parsons that he began to refine his artistic voice and experiment with various mediums. White’s professors recognized his talent and dedication, and he quickly gained a reputation as a promising young artist.You also may like to know about mrballen

His early pieces were characterized by a blend of abstract expressionism and pop art, reflecting the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the city he called home. His bold use of color and texture, combined with a keen sense of composition, set him apart from his contemporaries.

Vik White’s Early Career

Vik White has always loved to dance and he started dancing at age eleven. While he was still in Oklahoma he went to Thriller Dance studio to hone his skills. In 2018, he became one of the best dancers in the fifteenth season of “So You Think You Can Dance” where he made it to the finals coming in behind dancers Hannahlei Cabanilla, Jensen Arnold, and Genessy Castillo.

He also shares his dance videos on TikTok and Instagram where he has millions of followers. Due to his ability and presence on social media, he quickly became an influencer where he markets for so many international and home-owned businesses.You also may like to know about snowboots

Vik White’s Net Worth

Slavik has multiple income sources, he makes money through dancing, acting, TV shows, web series, and brand endorsements.

Professional dancer Vik White has a net worth of $679 thousand, which includes his assets and brand value. His estimated yearly income is $99.84 thousand to $117 thousand

Vik White aka Vik White’s monthly salary is $8.32K to $9.75K and he charges around $3k to $5K for an event.

Name Slavik Pustovoytov
Profession Dancer, Actor, TikTok star
Yearly Income $ 99.84 – 117K
Net Worth $ 679K
Monthly Salary $ 8.32 – 9.75K
Source of wealth Dancer

Evolution of Style

As the years passed, Vik White‘s artistic style continued to evolve. He was not content to rest on his laurels but instead sought new challenges and inspirations. One of the defining moments in his career came when he traveled to Europe in the early 1990s. The Old World charm and rich history of cities like Paris, Florence, and Prague left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities.

White’s European sojourn introduced him to classical art forms, and he began to incorporate elements of realism and traditional techniques into his work. This fusion of contemporary and classical styles resulted in a body of work that was both visually striking and intellectually engaging. His paintings began to explore complex themes of identity, culture, and history, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of tradition and modernity.

Impact on the Art World

Vik White’s impact on the art world extends far beyond his body of work. He has been a tireless advocate for emerging artists, using his platform to mentor and support the next generation of creative minds. Through workshops, exhibitions, and collaborations, he has helped countless young artists find their voice and navigate the often daunting art industry.

White’s commitment to social and environmental causes is also noteworthy. He has used his art as a means of raising awareness and funds for a variety of charitable organizations. His philanthropic efforts have made a tangible difference in communities around the world, demonstrating the transformative power of art beyond the canvas.


Vik White’s journey as an artist is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and innovation. From his early days in Ukrainian to his trailblazing work in the digital art realm, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in art. His ability to blend diverse influences and explore complex themes has resonated with audiences around the world.

Beyond his artistic achievements, Vik White‘s impact on the art world extends to his role as a mentor, advocate, and philanthropist. He continues to inspire and uplift emerging artists while using his art as a force for positive change in society.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the hardest dance in the world?

The title of the “hardest dance in the world” is subjective and can vary depending on individual skill levels and preferences. However, one of the dance forms often considered among the most physically demanding is ballet. Ballet requires a high degree of precision, strength, flexibility, and technical skill. Dancers undergo rigorous training for many years to master this art form, making it one of the most challenging dances.

Which dance is world famous?

Several dance styles have gained international recognition and popularity, making them world-famous. These include:

  • Ballet: Known for its classical and elegant movements.
  • Hip-hop: Characterized by its energetic and rhythmic street dance style.
  • Salsa: A lively Latin dance with intricate footwork and partner connections.
  • Tango: Known for its passion and intricate partner dances.

What is Pakistan’s most famous dance?

Pakistan’s most famous dance is the “Luddi.” It is a traditional folk dance performed at weddings and festive occasions, particularly in the Punjab and Sindh regions of Pakistan. The Luddi involves energetic footwork and expressive movements, often accompanied by traditional music.

Who is the famous dancer in Pakistan?

Sheema Kermani is one of the most famous dancers in Pakistan. She is known for her contributions to classical and contemporary dance in Pakistan. Sheema Kermani has played a significant role in promoting and preserving Pakistan’s rich dance heritage.

Which is the king of dance?

Michael Jackson, often referred to as the “King of Dance,” earned this title for his groundbreaking contributions to the world of dance and music. His iconic moonwalk, intricate choreography, and innovative dance videos made him a global dance phenomenon.

Who is the Pakistani-Norwegian dance crew?

The Pakistani-Norwegian dance crew known as “Khanspiration Crew” blends Pakistani and Norwegian dance styles to create unique and culturally diverse performances. This fusion of dance styles showcases the diversity and creativity in contemporary dance.

What is the oldest dance form?

The oldest known dance form is ritualistic dance. It dates back thousands of years and was used in various cultures for religious, spiritual, and social purposes. These dances often had symbolic and ceremonial significance.

Which country invented dance?

Dance likely originated in various cultures simultaneously, making it challenging to attribute its invention to a single country. Dance has been an integral part of human expression and communication throughout history, evolving in different ways across cultures and regions.

Who is the father of dance?

The title “father of dance” is often attributed to Jean-Georges Noverre, a French dancer and choreographer who lived during the 18th century. Noverre is known for his influential work in defining the principles of modern ballet and advocating for more natural and expressive movements in dance.

What is Vik White’s real name?

Vik White‘s real name is Vikram Singh. This information provides insight into the artist’s personal background and identity.

Which country is No 1 in dance?

The country that is considered number one in dance can vary depending on different dance styles and competitions. Countries like the United States, known for its hip-hop and contemporary dance scenes, India, renowned for its classical and Bollywood dance styles, and Russia, famous for its ballet tradition, excel in different forms of dance.

Who is Vik White’s dance partner?

Vik White’s dance partner may vary depending on the specific performance or project he is involved in. Dance collaborations often change based on artistic choices and the nature of the dance piece.

Which country is the world of dance?

The “world of dance” typically refers to the global dance community, encompassing various dance styles and cultures. It’s a way to describe the collective world of dancers, choreographers, teachers, and enthusiasts who contribute to the art form.

What is the full form of dance?

The full form of “DANCE” as “Dance and Choreography Enthusiasts” is not a commonly recognized acronym in the dance community. Dance is typically understood as a form of artistic expression and movement.

Who is the best dancer in Pakistan male?

Determining the best male dancer in Pakistan is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and the specific dance style. Notable male dancers in Pakistan include Shehzad Dhanani and Hasan Rizvi, who have made significant contributions to the dance scene in the country.

Who are Aubrey Fisher and Vik?

Aubrey Fisher and Vik are not widely recognized as dancers and additional context is needed to provide specific information about them.

How old is Slavik?

To determine Slavik’s age, we would need his birthdate. Age can change over time, so providing a specific age without the birthdate would not be accurate.

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