Perks of having Cox Internet in 2023


Internet used to be called a luxury but not now. Internet has been a part of our daily routine or if I say it has played a tremendous role in upgrading and shaping our life as an individual, the way we live, the way we talk or the way we dress. 

Having a good internet is what everyone demands. In this modern era of technology, having a good internet should not be a problem for anyone but only if you make the right choice, if I have to answer, I would definitely suggest Cox Internet.

What is COX?

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest broadband network operating in the US, with an availability in almost 19 states of the town. Cox is one of the finest internet service providers in terms of giving relevant speed to the consumer, the provider aims to expand their network in order to reach more and more people.

Why Cox and not others?

Cox offers some amazing facilities to the user such as

  • Speed

Many broadband networks promise to give you better and faster speeds but somehow they fail to deliver what they promise, right? But Cox doesn’t treat you the way others do. Cox has been delivering amazing, faster and constant speed as compared to other network, or even better than the local 5G home providers. Cox offers a variety of packages and allows user to choose the best possible speed for their house depending upon the need and usage.

  • Upgrade or Downgrade

Cox always allows their consumers to upgrade or downgrade their package depending on their daily usage. For example, if someone has availed their basic package “Go Fast” where download speed is somewhere around 100mb per second and if the user wants to upgrade the package to 250mbps, he can choose accordingly.

  • Price

One major factor that users always ask for and that should be the major concern. Price. Cox is the only network that has straightforward pricing, you will be charged the exact amount of the package you choose. You won’t get a shock of hidden prices at the end of the month.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You would definitely want your consumer to trust you as any brand and trust doesn’t come from one end. Cox believes in maintaining healthy relationship with the consumer and so they assure its user that whatever the package they choose, their hard earned money would be safe with Cox as they offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Customer Support

What if you opt any other network but couldn’t get a better customer support? I am sure you will be disappointed, in this case, you should be relaxed because Cox has one of the best customer support system in the entire US. Cox has always provided users 24/7 helping facility so that they don’t have to face hurdles.

  • Mobile Hotspot

Cox Communications took a great step by installing more than 3.9 million mobile hotspots in the US. If you are a Cox Internet user, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Find any Wi-Fi hotspot nearby
  2. Connect it.
  3. Open Browser and there you may see a log in page.
  4. Type your Cox user ID and password.
  5. Enjoy!
  • Bundles 

If you are a person who just want to avail the Cox Internet facility then this won’t fascinate you, but if you want to save some penny and go for other services like Cox Contour TV, Cox Phone or Cox Homelife Security System for your house, then you should look up to bundles as Cox offers variety of packages for every user.

  • Better than 5G network providers

Cox claims to be faster than the local 5G home internet providers, and in many cases, Cox has proved to do so. 5G or Fifth Generation is a technology where users can get advantage of better speed but it totally depends on some factors, like

  1. How far is your house from the point?
  2. Peak hours
  3. Maximum users operating.
  4. Single connection point.


My final verdict would be if you are good with any broadband network who can compromise on speed, then you would be fine with your local home provider but if you want a good internet with all the perks, then you should definitely give Cox a try! Up to you.

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